Leading Across Cultures: Leadership, Management & Business Acumen (Dynamic E-Learning)


Leading across cultures is about adapting, communicating, thinking critically, and understanding your own bias. This course will help you examine your relationship with yourself and across cultures, providing the tools you will need to continuously improve your cross-cultural leadership skills. understand how they impact business and how you can adapt appropriately. You will also explore how compensation relates to risk, examine the hierarchy at your company, and evaluate your own leadership style as it relates to the cultures in which you work.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Establish a broader understanding of how cultural rules, stereotypes, and assumptions inform the way you think and work
  • Develop an awareness of your own culture and how it impacts your leadership
  • Recognize differences within your work group, circumvent issues likely to arise, and provide constructive strategies that leverage a range of expertise and perspectives
  • Analyze your approach to leadership and explore how you can adapt
  • Develop your own skills to lead across cultures, using proven strategies and best practice


The course comprises three discussions and a project. The following topics will be covered:

  • Examine How We Become Cultural Beings
  • Explore Culture's Impact on the Way We Think
  • Explore Culture's Impact on our Relationships with Others
  • Refine Your Thoughts on Leadership Using Culture
  • Develop Skills to Lead Cross-Cultural Teams


This module will be conducted in a highly interactive and engaging online learning platform. Learners will be engaged in online collaborations and discussions with peers & facilitator throughout the module.


Mid to upper-level managers from a diverse range of organizations, line managers or individual contributors with over three years of experience who are responsible for leading culturally or nationally diverse teams or who operate globally supply chain management and work extensively with clients or suppliers abroad. Anyone needing to manage through the challenges and opportunities of culturally diverse teams and individuals could also benefit from this course.

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