Market Mentoring Sessions


The market mentoring sessions is a module in the PCP Southeast Asia Ready Talent programme that aims to provide the opportunity for the participants to have one-on-one consultation and coaching with Mentors who have work experience in the region. The initial countries being targeted are Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar.

The panel of Mentors will include professionals who have either lived and worked in the target countries, or have been in a regional role covering a number of the target countries. Some of these Mentors are still working and living in these countries.

Participants who wish to take up these sessions should have completed at least 70 PCP hours.


The mentoring module is a platform for participant (the Mentee) to establish a professional relationship with an experienced person (the Mentor) who can support and encourage the Mentee to develop specific skills and knowledge that will maximise their business potential and improve their performance. The sessions will enable the Mentee to develop strategies and capability so that they are enabled to tackle the next hurdle in their business venture, more effectively with or without the mentor's presence.

The duration of each mentoring session is an hour, and can done in person, on skype, phone, or other means to be agreed between the Mentor and the Mentee.

The topics for mentoring will be set by the Mentee and must be business-related. The Mentee should send a note to the Mentor at least 48 hours before the session, outlining specific topics that will align to their course of work. The Mentee is encouraged to give a brief introduction to the Mentor beforehand, to save time during the session, and also to give the Mentor some perspective.

Participant may choose to have more than one Mentors to consume the 4-hour block of mentoring.

The panel of Mentors will include a combination of business practitioners who:

  1. Have either lived or worked in the target countries
  2. Have been in regional roles covering a number of the target countries

For a full listing on the panel of Mentors, participants can browse the profiles on the SBF LMS


For executives representing SMEs that are considering to invest, or sell into the target SEA markets.

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