HR Management Strategies in SEA


This module aims to equip participants with the knowledge and understanding of HR management strategies in the target Southeast Asia (SEA) countries - Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. Participants will learn to think systematically and strategically about aspects of managing the organization's human assets, and what needs to be done to implement these policies and to achieve competitive advantage.


Upon completion of course, participants will be able to

  1. Understand and appreciate the differences in managing people in the different countries
  2. Increase effectiveness in developing policies and practices that can enhance the value of employees in the organization
  3. Recognize the importance of managing employees effectively


This course will be presented based on the target SEA countries: Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam. At the end of the lesson, learners will be required to complete a simple quiz to assess their understanding. The summary of countries comparison table, with external references, will be provided at the end of the course.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Impact of history, culture and religion 
  2. Revisiting the Hofstede Cultural Dimensions 
  3. Selection 
  4. Motivation 
  5. Development 
  6. Interviews with HR Experts in SEA 


The session will be conducted in an eLearning environment. There will be a number of videos. Simple quizzes will be provided. The summary of countries comparison table will be provided at the end of the course.


Managers and individuals who are working toward regional roles in these countries - Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam, or wish to have an understanding of HR management in the region.

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